• Development Without Government: This is the general theme of a broad range of IAFF activities in India. It is based on the concept that no government any where in the world can take care of every problem for every individual at every place at every moment. In a democratic society the more people are able to help them selves the more their government will be able to support general development. In other words people's rights need to be balanced against their responsibilities for self and beyond self. This can only be accomplished when people are empowered with sustainable education, health care and food security.
  • IAFF Guest Room: IAFF maintains a guest room at its office near the Bhubaneswar Airport in Orissa. This facility is primarily meant for American/Canadian Donors of IAFF.
  • Grants and Scholarships: Under its sponsored programs, IAFF offers grants and scholarships to educational institutions in Orissa. To date, the following institutions have been awarded grants and scholarships: Sambalpur University (Journal Grant), SCB Medical College, Cuttack (Computer Grant), Athgarh Women's College (Library Grant), Sarankul Women's College (Construction Grant), The Ramakrushna Cottage, Cuttack (Scholarship Grant and Construction Grant), Kujang High School (Merit Scholarship Grant).

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