• Potential guests must write to iaff10@yahoo.com enquiring about the availability of the guest room.
  • Full rent for the duration requested in the application form must be paid in advance before reservation can be confirmed. Check is payable in US dollars to IAFF and should be mailed to 1413 Boxwood Lane, Apex, NC 27502. Personal checks are acceptable; however, confirmation will be given only after the check has been credited to the IAFF account.
  • There is no cancellation or refund. However, the fees will be applied towards a future use of the guesthouse. If the person making the reservation wishes to delegate the rights to one or two other people that is also acceptable provided that this change is in accordance to other administrative rules.
  • Maximum stay is for three nights. Longer stay is possible with prior arrangement, but cannot be extended at the site. Check-in time is any time after 12 noon. Check out time is before 12 noon of the last day.
  • No provision is available for children. However, if children are accompanying, you are welcome to share with them provisions included in the cost without requesting additional provisions.
  • No financial transaction will be accepted by or on behalf of IAFF at the site. Any personal request that involves financial transactions must be paid by the guest and sis strictly a discretionary arrangement between the guest and the IAFF staff with no direct or indirect involvement of IAFF.
  • Guest(s) will be received at the Bhubaneswar airport or Train Station as per prior arrangement on the date of arrival. They will be dropped off at the airport or train station or bus station on the day they check out from the guest room. There will be no reception at any bus station.
  • Guestroom rates per night.

Package # Package description US$
1 Room only 25
2 Room with breakfast 30
3 Room with reception/drop off but no breakfast 30
4 Room with reception/drop off and breakfast 35


  • The Guest room has: Seating area for relaxing/dining, Bedroom area with two beds, counter with sink and Bathroom with commode, shower and towels etc. Linens, towels and soap will be changed once a week. There is no line-phone service. Mobile phone use is available for Rs.2/min or part of a minute.
  • The Guest room has lights, AC, fans and hot water. But these are not guaranteed because of unreliability of city power supply. When power is out, one solar-lantern will be provided in the bedroom area.
  • Computer use is available for Rs. 20/hour but no Internet service.
  • All adult guests will receive at no additional cost one bottled-water per adult per night. An additional bottle per adult per night will be provided only upon request.


Because the check-in time is after 12 noon, there will be no breakfast on the day of arrival. However, each adult will receive a bottle as described above. Each morning thereafter, breakfast will be served in your room between 7-8 am. The breakfast may be prepared at the site or may be catered in from outside vendors depending on circumstances that will be determined by IAFF staff at the site. If you wish earlier or later breakfast please indicate so in your response sheet. Please note that the price you have paid includes two adults only. If you have children with you, you are welcome to share your food with your children but IAFF has no provision for children.

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