We must convey our thanks to IAFF and its contributors. Unless their contribution, the College would not have provided with library and reading room, which is very much essential for the educational institution.

-Nilima Rath, Principal
Gopabandhu Women's College
Athgarh, Dist. Cuttack

The School is greatly benefited by the Journal grant from the IAFF... Some of the journals are discontinued because of pressure on annual budget. Therefore, subscription to Physiologia Plantarum by IAFF is of immense help to the faculty and students here. The journal is consulted by research scholars from other colleges, like G.M. College (autonomous), Larambha College, Panchayat College, Bargarh, Atabira College, etc.

- Dr. U.C.Biswal
Head, School of Life Sciences, Sambalpur University

With reverence, I, on behalf of the Governing Body and the staff (both teaching and non teaching) members and the students of the college, express my heartiest congratulation for extending your helping hands to this baby institution. A ray of hope is illuminated after receipt of the first phase of donation.

- Major P. Mohanty
Principal, Sarankul College
Dist. Nayagarh

I am glad to inform you that the method you taught at the vegetable farms to the farmers at a village near Bolwa in Jharkhand, it has got very good results. we have been informed by our Bolwa unit that those farmers have good much better yield and are extremely happy with the very good results. I must congratulate you that if simple demonstration has helped them and such is the response, I am sure, with the model demonstration of the soil less bed models, attentions of the villagers from near by villages will also be there.

- Mr. Pravin Patel
Director, Tribal Welfare Society
Bilaspur, 36-Garh

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