SUBRINA was born to Dr. Nilambar and Mrs. Anu Biswal in Huston, TX. She represented an exemplary blend of two cultures: Indian and American. Thus, her life represents the logo of IAFF, which stands for Indo-American Friendship Foundation. She demonstrated her innate talent in dance and music when she was only 2-1/2 years old. She was a gifted and talented dancer in three styles of Indian classical dance: Odissi, Kuchipudi and Bharat Natyam. She mastered the intricate footwork, facial expressions, and sensuous body movements of the ancient and traditional Indian art. She was one of the youngest artists in the USA to have her “Ranga Pravesham” (stage debut) at the age of 7-1/2 years, on which occasion she gave a two-hour solo performance. She contributed her artistic talents to numerous charitable fund-raising efforts throughout USA and Canada without the benefit of a dance teacher, and with her mother’s help.

SUBRINA developed innovative styles through rigorous practice and by analyzing videotapes of her own performances. Her talents were not limited to performing arts only; she also excelled in studies and sports. Subrina had many friends and she has left a legacy of love, affection, and compassion. She was snatched away from us all within days of her last performance at the 20th OSA (1989) convention held at Nashville, TN.

IAFF is pleased and proud to name this award in performing arts after SUBRINA BISWAL to not only give tribute to her artistic talents, but more importantly, to celebrate her spirit of friendship, selfless sharing and joy of participation. In awarding this prize, IAFF hopes to inspire other Oriya-American children to follow SUBRINA’s footprints by accepting this event as an opportunity to participate rather than compete for a prize.


  • NAME: The naming of the prize after Subrina Biswal is governed by an agreement between IAFF and the late Subrina's parents. If Subrina's name is dropped at any time in the future, the prize will be continued under the name "IAFF PRIZE IN PERFORMING ARTS" until the prize is renamed.
  • OBJECTIVE: To provide incentive for 1) Children of OSA members to develop performing arts talents, 2) OSA members to attend the annual convention with children having performing arts talents, and 3) To support local chapters through collaboration in the award of the prize.
  • FREQUENCY AND AMOUNT: The prize will consist of a cash award, the amount of which will depend on the availability of funds and a certificate. The prize will be awarded annually in conjunction with the OSA annual convention. This rule was amended on Dec. 1, 1990 to include provisions for three prizes: First, Second and Third. Accordingly, the available fund will be divided to 50%, 30% and 20% for the three prizes in the order listed.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The announcement will be made available at the web site In case the web site becomes nonfunctional the announcement will be sent as e-mail attachment no later than Feb. 1 of the same calendar year. A copy of the announcement must also be supplied to the OSA president.
  • PARTICIPANT ELIGIBILITY: Each participant must not have reached the 18th birthday on the day the event is to be held and must be a citizen or permanent resident of USA/CANADA. Visitors of any age are not eligible for the award. Children with visitor visa are eligible if their parents are residents of USA/CANADA and if they are current students in a recognized school system.
  • PARTICIPANT INELIGIBILITY: Participants will be ruled ineligible under any one or more of the following circumstances:
  • EVENT ELIGIBILITY: Comedy, Dance, Drama, Instrumental, Singing, and Skit; any item that cannot be clearly defined as performing arts (e.g. magic shows, body-building, acrobatics, etc.) will be ineligible for this prize. Participants in any item that has copy right restrictions or restrictions of any other type that do not also apply to every other item will be ineligible for the prize.
  • SELECTION OF JUDGES: A total of five judges will be selected from among the audience through consultation between the IAFF representative and host-chapter representative(s). The IAFF president/representative will also function as a judge, but his/her score will be used only in case of a tie.
    While selecting judges people with expertise in any area of performing arts must be excluded from the judge’s panel. The rationale for this approach are as follows: a) Experts in every area of competition may not be available in the audience; b) Use of experts and non-experts might introduce dual standards of evaluation; c) Experts might tend to evaluate based on techniques of the art rather than its entertainment value, which takes into consideration age, enthusiasm etc.; and d) Experts in one discipline may lack an objective appreciation for another discipline of performing arts, thus resulting in biased judging.
  • TIME AND PLACE: This will be left to the discretion of the host chapter. However, all participants must be provided the same venue and same format without any differential treatment or favoritism.
  • SELECTION OF AWARDEES: Scoring will be done in a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest score. Scores by all the judges will be added to determine the cumulative highest score. Winners of the prize will be selected on the basis of these cumulative scores, the first prize being awarded to the participant with the highest cumulative score. The scoring will be done solely on the basis of entertainment value without any consideration to technical skills. Thus, age-performance relation will be given serious consideration. For example, an older participant may be expected to perform better than a younger participant. In this case the age of the younger participant should be considered positively.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT AND AWARD OF THE PRIZE: The names of the winners will be announced at a time and place determined by the host chapter. At the time of announcement each recipient will be handed a claim voucher in a sealed envelope. Each recipient will send electronically to the claim voucher with all requested information and documents to claim the prize. Any information or document submitted through any other means are not acceptable. If examination of the information and documents results in the disqualification of a winner, the next lower ranked participant will be elevated to the position of the disqualified winner.
  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: If the performing arts event can not be conducted in collaboration with OSA or any of its chapters, the IAFF president will attempt to develop an alternative procedure in consultation with the Board of Advisors and Subrina's parents.


Year First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
1990 Devranjan Patnaik (Solo)    
1991 Devasis Mishra Sujatha Nayak Rupali Mishra
1992 Maya Mishra Laboni Patnaik Somesh Dash
1993 Nimisha Doshi Loreena Patnaik Michigan Youth Group
1995 Sunita Mohanty Rajesh Mishra Prantik Patnaik
1996 Alok and Anand Dash Aparajita Chakrabarty Seema Misra
1997 Shibani Patnaik Renuka Rege Suraj Patnaik
1999 Pratyasha Acharya Lipi Mishra/Durga Sarangi Priyanka,/Pallavi /Purvasha Patnaik
2000 Shovana/Sumna Mishra Atasi Satapathy Prantik Dash
2001 Raj Patnaik Atasi Satapathy Jyoti Misra/Sweta Mohapatra/Akita Khandai, Bidula Sinha
2002 Natasha Mohapatra Atasi Satapathy, Ananya Kar Reena Patro, Shovna Tripathy
2003 Ananya Kar Pallavi Das Reena Patro, Shovna Tripathy, Shomya Tripathy
2004 Jaydeep Sen Renuka, Rohini Rege Monica Bhuyan
2005 Shivani Mohapatro Natasha Mohapatro Ishani Behera
2006 Pratik A. Dash Ananya Kar Ayesha Kar/Manisha Patra
2007 Ananya Kar Samir Mishra, Suraj Patnaik, Anna Das, Jyoti Mishra, Ankita Khandai Saurav Patnaik

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