About IAFF ((Indo-American Friendship Foundation))

  • IAFF is the oldest US-NGO to promote friendship between the people of USA and India/ Orissa through cultural and technological exchange (Est.1988).
  • Aims to promote friendship between people of India and USA through cultural and technological exchange, respectively.
  • The IAFF FORUM is the official publication of IAFF. The Forum is published annually and distributed free of cost at the OSA annual convention.
  • Has USA and INDIA programs.

USA Program

  • Awarded the First Student Travel Grant to Priyadarshan Patra, the founder of SEEDS, to attend the OSA convention.
  • Awarded the first interest-free student loan to Lokanath Mahapatra, who is now a very successful real-estate lawyer in Philadelphia area.
  • Sponsors Subrina Biswal Prize in Performing Arts: the oldest and popular childrenís cultural event at the OSA annual conventions (started in 1990).
  • Sponsored cultural function by Rudrakhya Dance team from Orissa for OSA-SE.

India Program (Now limited to Orissa)

  • Statewide educational grant program for Orissa: Journal grant to Sambalpur University, Computer to SCB Medical College, Library to Athgarh Womenís College, Development Grant to Sarankul Womenís College, Multi-year Scholarship Grant to the Ramakrishna Sevak Sampraday, a more than 100-year old NGO at Cuttack, Multi-year Scholarship Grant to Kujang High School.
  • Rural Agriculture Institute in Orissa in the village of Barakoli, Dhenkanal District.
  • Training program for the NGOs of Orissa: Nearly 50 persons from different NGOs have been trained to date on Integrated Farming System, Controlled Environment Agriculture and Eco-Farming.
  • Conduct All Orissa NGO Convention, Jatni, Khurdha District (2004).
  • Statewide Orphan Education Fund.
  • Alternative Energy Program (Solar, Biofuels) for Rural Orissa in collaboration with ADIRE, an Orissa NGO.
  • Collaboration with NGOs of Orissa: In addition to collaboration with ADIRE, IAFF has also collaborated with the following organizations: ISWO (Dhenkanal NGO), SHEDS (Jatni NGO), SDGVS (Puri NGO), Madanpur Rampur Tribal Ashram (Kalahandi NGO), Nava Pravat Ashram (Bargarh NGO), NYSASDRI (Dhenkanal NGO), Childright (Bhubaneswar NGO), BISWA (Sambalpur NGO), THRIVE ( Boston, MA NGO), NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology, A Bherhampur Engineering College), JITM (Jagannath Institute of Technology and Management, A Paralkehmundi Engineering College), Lutheran Mahila Samiti (Kendrapara NGO), AID (Association for India's Development, Parlakhemudi branch of the National NGO).

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