• The FORUM: The FORUM is the official publication of IAFF. It contains general information, Annual Activity Report, Annual Financial Report, and Subrina Biswal Memorial
  • Lectures and Seminars: IAFF is often invited to present seminars on its work on Rural Development in Orissa at the annual OSA convention held every July 4th weekend. Further, IAFF is invited from time to time by various church groups and charitable organizations to talk about the Culture and Religion of India/Orissa.
  • Demonstration and Training on Agriculture Technology: STAS (Science and Technology Application Systems), Inc. has a 3-acre research farm near Warrenton, NC. Dr. Subhas Mohapatra, President of STAS, develops various technologies for application in India. These technologies are also demonstrated to student groups, farmers' groups, nursery operators/owners and charitable organizations working on various aspects of hunger eradication.
  • Student Assistance: IAFF offers financial assistance to Students from Orissa in US universities and colleges depending on needs and availability of funds. Priya Darshan Patra, the OSA secretary during 2007-09, was awarded a travel grant to attend OSA convention when he was a student. Likewise, Lokanath Mohapatra was given an interest-free loan to take admission to a law College. Lokanath, now a well established lawyer, not only returned the loan on time, but also has given donations to IAFF from time to time.
  • Support for OSA: IAFF has been sponsoring for more than 20 years the Subrina Biswal Prize in Performing Arts, one of the most popular programs at the annual OSA (Orissa Society of Americas) convention. for more than two decades.
  • Support for OSA Chapters: In addition to cultural activities at the OSA convention, IAFF has also offered financial assistance to the South Eastern Chapter of OSA for dance presentations by guests invited from Orissa to Charlotte and Cary, NC.

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